Putting on an event is one thing, but to feel and experience it is the real goal.

ROODIXX combine music and moderation, sports with all its action and dramaturgy.

The brothers, Florian and Tobias Rudig, combine their knowledge of content, procedure, technique and actors
with flair for the special moments. They are regarded as trendsetters in major international, business and lifestyle events.

Their ability to emotionally accompany and inspire the audience
is making them one of the most booked Entertainment Teams in Austria.

After hundreds of performances, millions of enthusiastic spectators and years of hard work,
they have created a network of competent partners.

ROODIXX zählen in Österreich sicherlich zu den Besten und brauchen auch international keinen Vergleich zu scheuen.


Dieser Tiroler bewegt die Massen – mit Charme! Florian Rudig darf mit Fug und Recht behaupten, dass er die Fans unterhalten kann.


Ich hatte schon viele Live-Auftritte. Aber diese tolle Atmosphäre hat mich sehr bewegt.

Rainhard Fendrich

Wer’s nicht selbst erlebt hat, glaubt nicht, dass so was möglich ist, was die beiden da für eine Show geliefert und die Masse begeistert haben.

Hitradio Ö3

Erfolg ist der Sieg der Einfälle über die Zufälle. Mit ROODIXX überlassen wir nichts dem Zufall.

Nicole Mothes | Kanadische Botschaft

Die Meister im Gestalten des Augenblicks.



Florian Rudig


Florian Rudig is an international event and TV presenter. He studied sports and media science and is active as a director and media trainer.

His main focus lies in combining information with emotion. The Tyrolese man spent nine years working for the radio programs Ö1, Ö2, Ö3, and FM4. Since 2014, he presents the main evening live show “YPD-Challenge” on ServusTV and is the host on “Sandoz TV Austria” (Novartis).

Tobias Rudig


Tobias Rudig is an internationally active event- and party DJ, one of the official Ö3 DJs, and the current DJ at the Center Court of the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam in Klagenfurt.

His ability to synchronize music dramatically and cut jingles to the second excites the audience and makes him one of the most booked DJs in Austria. He studied sports science, but is additionally active as a producer for exclusively composed event sound layouts.


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