Be it the national beach volleyball tour, the European tour, or the world tour – beach brothers Flo and Tobi Rudig celebrate an unforgettable summer sports event together with tens of thousands spectators and sweep them off their feet – since 2004.


The pictures circulate around the globe – the tournament at Wörthersee is regularly voted the world’s best. Be it the slow Danube wave or the racing Sirtaki wave, “Mein Block” (‘my block’) or the classic “That’s the way” – the interactions with the audience that motivate both fans and athletes have become iconic and are emulated worldwide.


That is why ROODIXX spends months preparing each year, developing new moves and rhythms to give fans hot fuel for dancing every minute. No other event in Austria crucially requires and achieves such energy of athletic performance, music, presentation, and audience.

DJ Tobi Rudig alone showcases up to 200 different pieces of music each hour, timing them to their peaks with utmost precision. The game situations and fan moods are accentuated, amplified, and celebrated at the push of a button. “This requires highest concentration and sensitivity,” the event DJ explains. “For instance, if a player is frustrated about a mistake and you begin playing the chorus of Bryan Adams’ song ‘Pease Forgive Me’, the whole stadium will go wild and people will push the players to new records!”

And if it gets too hot, you can cool down under the firefighting water jet, spouting out of the hoses from above the bleachers at up to 10 bar, operated by the water girls. A spectacle you have to experience to know what euphoria pulls even the VIPs from their seats and motivates you to participate.