The Red Bulls of Salzburg and ROODIXX – a team you can bank on. Since 2005. Be it all of the Austrian national ice hockey league games, international highlights such as the encounters with the L.A. Kings, Champions League, or national team games – Florian Rudig announces while Tobi Rudig, brother and DJ, plays the tunes.

By now, the Red Bulls are five-time Austrian champions and European Trophy winners and the stadium entertainment is held in high international esteem.

The music layout is attuned to the individual game situations; the light show is tailored and optimized for the stadium’s fan TV production (the entire ice surface becomes an ultra HD TV). Stadium announcer Florian Rudig, who equally has taken over entertainment direction, states: “We are basically creating a TV show. With the small but significant difference when we incorporate special fan wishes on the spot: special slow motion clips, interactive fan talks, show acts ranging from strange to comical, spectacular game highlights. Fans should feel well-informed and comfortable despite cool stadium temperatures. After all, we want to push the boys on the ice up the charts!”

An effort that is felt not only by the players: “The atmosphere that you create is like the seventh man on the ice. That way, home match advantage makes sense.” And the Red Bull management is also impressed by the two frontmen: “ROODIXX are definitely among the best in Austria and they don’t need to shun international comparison.”


Photos: (c) Red Bulls